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Impact Cubed - Rebrand, GTM Strategy & Execution

Impact Cubed had a radical solution to opaque ESG ratings and scores - but they didn't have a brand or any marketing to help communicate it. On top of that, its offering was complex and fragmented.

What was involved:

Complete Brand & GTM Overhaul

The first step in this transformation journey was a complete rebranding. This included a total redesign of Impact Cubed's product offerings, website, social media presence, and a redefinition of their GTM strategy.

Modernising the Tech Stack

I then moved to overhaul their existing marketing and sales technology stacks. The aim was to shift from outdated systems to more agile, efficient platforms that could support the brand's aggressive growth objectives.

Revamping Sales and Lead Generation

The rebranding was not just a cosmetic change. I redesigned Impact Cubed’s entire lead generation and sales strategy, incorporating advanced analytics and automation to maximise efficiency and conversions.


50% of new business meetings now coming from marketing

Reduction in sales headcount & costs due to automation and efficiencies


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