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Deutsche Bank - Content Campaign & PR

During unprecedented times of market uncertainty, Deutsche Bank sought to reassure businesses and investors alike of their unwavering support and resilience. Hired on a fixed-term contract, my role was to conceptualize, plan, and execute the bank's #PositiveImpact campaign, a content-heavy initiative designed to strengthen the bank's relationship with its stakeholders while subtly highlighting its key propositions and USPs.

What was involved

Campaign Strategy and Planning

Working closely with Deutsche Bank's leadership, I developed a comprehensive campaign strategy focused on delivering targeted messages to diverse industry sectors and investor segments. This included sustainability and ESG investment angles.

Agency Lead

With the help of specialised video and content agencies, we produced over 20 videos tailored to various industries and topics. The campaign featured key influencers and thought leaders to add credibility and weight to the bank's propositions.

Go-To-Market and Dissemination Strategy

Careful planning was essential to ensure that the campaign reached the intended audience effectively. We devised a content dissemination strategy that leveraged multiple channels, including social media, press releases, and industry events.

Reporting and Metrics

Regular reporting to the C-suite on key performance indicators (KPIs) and media results was a crucial aspect of the role. This data was invaluable for adjusting the campaign in real-time and measuring its overall impact.


Industry-Specific Engagement: The campaign effectively reached diverse sectors, reinforcing the bank's relationship with a broad spectrum of businesses and investors.

Thought Leadership: Articles and videos featuring key influencers helped establish Deutsche Bank as a thought leader in the financial industry and in sustainability.

Increased Visibility: The campaign garnered substantial media attention, boosting Deutsche Bank's visibility during a critical time.

Strategic Positioning: Through a 'light sell' approach, the campaign was successful in subtly highlighting Deutsche Bank's key propositions and USPs, all while focusing on the bank's positive impact on society and the market


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