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Forrest Brown - Brand Development & Launch

Forrest Brown, an R&D tax credit consultancy, faced a unique challenge: their highly specialised services were often misunderstood or confusing to potential clients. I was hired to help them articulate their brand effectively, revamp their sales materials, and implement a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

What was involved

Deep-Dive Research and Brand Refinement

Understanding the intricacies of Forrest Brown's services required a deep dive into not only what they do but how they stand out from competitors. I conducted extensive research into their unique selling points (USPs) and competitive landscape to inform the rebranding process.

Sales Material and Process Overhaul

Working closely with the sales team, I designed new sales materials that were not only visually engaging but also articulate and effective in conveying complex services. Automation and CRM implementation became key aspects of streamlining the sales process. Custom automated follow-ups were devised to keep potential clients engaged and to increase conversion rates.

Comprehensive GTM Strategy

My work culminated in a multi-faceted go-to-market strategy that leveraged press relations, paid media, and influencers within the tax credit space to create a consistent and compelling message..


Clear Brand Narrative: Successfully transformed a complex service offering into an understandable and appealing brand story.

Sales Efficiency: The revamped sales materials and new CRM system significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team - doubling sales.

Elevated Brand Visibility: The GTM strategy resulted in significant gains in brand recognition and credibility in the tax credit consultancy sector.

Process Streamlining: Automated follow-ups and CRM implementation enhanced lead tracking and conversion, allowing the company to capitalise on more opportunities.

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