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Amazon Music - Operational Consulting & Media Buying

Amazon Music sought to make a splash in the highly competitive European market, simultaneously working on transitioning their marketing in-house. As a consultant, I was enlisted to lead and manage the multi-faceted campaign across several countries, while also upskilling their emerging European marketing team.

The client base was initially resistant to adopting the technology, so my role was not only to drive sustainable growth and improve ROI but also to strategically reposition beBettor's product for wider applications, including the retail sector.

What was involved

Operational Transition & Team Upskilling

As Amazon Music was in the complex phase of shifting marketing operations in-house, they leaned on my expertise to ensure a seamless transition. I ran operational workshops, rolled out communications strategies, and effectively managed the transition while concurrently running the expansive European campaign. Part of my role was to upskill the emerging in-house marketing team, imparting knowledge and best practices to set them up for long-term success.

Media Buying

Planning, negotiation and buying of all media spaces - including programmatic online, radio and OOH.

Innovative Content Creation

The campaign involved the development of a dynamic audio ad for Spotify. This ad adapted in real-time based on various attributes of the listener, such as location, gender, and time of day, thus offering a highly personalized user experience.


Subscription Growth: Saw an impressive 38% increase in subscriptions during the campaign period.

Seamless Transition: Successfully transitioned Pan-European marketing in-house

Content Innovation: Delivered a groundbreaking dynamic audio ad that personalized user experience to a previously unattained level.

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