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beBettor - Rebrand, TechStack and GTM Strategy

In the highly regulated sphere of safer gambling technology, beBettor faced unique challenges when it came to scaling their operations and repositioning their product.

The client base was initially resistant to adopting the technology, so my role was not only to drive sustainable growth and improve ROI but also to strategically reposition beBettor's product for wider applications, including the retail sector.

What was involved

Regulatory Compliance and Strategic Positioning

Operating within a highly regulated market demanded a delicate balance. The product had to be positioned in such a way that it met all regulatory guidelines while showing potential clients its utility without sacrificing profitability.

Go-to-Market Strategy for New Applications

A crucial aspect of this project was redefining beBettor's brand to strategically position its solution for broader applications. Proven through case studies and video testimonials.

Fundraising and Investment Rounds

My role also extended to leading the marketing and PR for a seed funding round, creating compelling narratives that were both ambitious and strictly compliant to raise funds.


Revenue Growth: Achieved a substantial increase in annual recurring revenue from £0.25M to £2.25M within just 5 months.

Successful Fundraising: Led the marketing and PR for a seed funding round that resulted in a £3.7M raise.

Strategic Repositioning: Successfully expanded beBettor's market by adapting its technology for retail applications, thereby diversifying its revenue streams.

Conversion Improvement: Strategically redefined the sales process to improve conversion from Marketing-Qualified Leads to sales meetings by 53%.


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